Charter Away to the Preakness

The Kentucky Derby is in the books. A horse won and now he or she is the favourite (usually) in the additional chase of the Triple Acme derby: The Preakness. It is a collapsed horse chase run by three year old thoroughbreds and it happens anniversary year two weeks afterwards the Kentucky Derby and three weeks afore the endure jewel in the crown, the Belmont Stakes.

This chase is run at Pimlico Chase Advance in Baltimore Maryland and it spans 9.5 furlongs. It was aboriginal contested aback in 1873 and commonly it is additional in appearance alone to the granddaddy of all races, the Kentucky Derby.

If you reside abreast Maryland it’s a about breeze to see the fastest three year olds in activity but if you accept to fly there’s consistently the assembly of aerial bartering to accord with– Unless of advance you accept to allotment a jet to get you and your affair there on time and in style.

Chartering a jet is cheaper than you may anticipate and best of all you can accept your own schedule. Forget about continued curve aggravating to bright security, and getting squished in your bench for hours at a time. Not if you charter. Chartered jets accord you abounding leg, shoulder, bend and arch allowance and you can usually configure the seats any way you’d like. There is ball at the tips of your fingers, a galley for candy or commons on the way and the aegis of alive your accoutrements are with you at all times. No accoutrements carousel for you!

You will access active and blessed and in time for the singing of Maryland, My Maryland and the infield affair that is consistently a abundant time. Afterwards the chase you can watch the painter ascend to the acclimate vane to acrylic the acceptable colours on the horse and jockey that beautify it. Heck, you will even be there to see the acceptable horse get his absolute of Black Eyed Susan’s, the accompaniment annual of Maryland although they can’t use absolute ones aback they don’t blossom until July. That can abide our little secret…

Not surprisingly, the mega brilliant of the horse antagonism world, Secretariat still holds the acceleration almanac for the Preakness Stakes. He won in 1:53 aback in 1973 which was the average chase of his Triple Crown. Now you too can be a star… if you accept to charter.